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Jael Soon


There was a time in life when asking for help was the hardest thing to do. To be honest, even as a professional counselor, asking for help is sometimes still hard. But it is easier to overcome. Depression and Anxiety is the most hidden illness among African American women today. Our culture teaches us that it is weak to ask for help and gaining a badge of honor means sacrificing your mental well-being so that others can be happy. It’s time to break the cycle and generational curse of mental illness in the BIPOC communities. It’s time to seek help.

Hi, I’m Ja’el Wright, a License Associate Professional Counselor in the state of Georgia. I specialize in working with individuals in the early stage of recovery from addiction, individuals struggling with life transitions, new parents struggling with identity issues, and individuals identifying as BIPOC who are struggling with cultural issues that no one seems to understand.

My therapeutic modalities include person-centered therapy, reality/ choice therapy, emotion-focused therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and CBT/DBT. My directive approach is rooted in my passion and purpose to help others find their joy and learn themselves.

Milton Erickson once said, “Life will bring you pain all by itself, your responsibility is to create joy”. Let me help you create your joy!