Addiction Treatment in Atlanta, Georgia

Addiction Treatment in Atlanta, GA

Addiction, or substance use disorder (SUD), is an insidious mental health condition that alters the brain’s normal functions, causing a person to engage in misuse or overuse of a substance. SUD will rob you of your friends, family, and everything that matters to you.

Whether you or a loved one struggles with alcohol, drugs, or another compulsive disorder, the experienced providers at Valor Behavioral Health offer comprehensive treatment plans unique to the patient.

Is Addiction Treatment Right for You?

Over 21 million people in the United States struggle with at least one addiction. Unfortunately, only 10% seek treatment. Treatment is the only hope for recovery, yet only you can decide whether addiction treatment is right for you.

If you are experiencing troubling issues in any area of your life, especially when it comes to managing relationships and responsibilities, it may be time to seek treatment.

Recovery is possible, but you need a support system to help you over the initial hurdles of abstinence and recovery. Valor offers addiction treatment that gets you over these hurdles by developing a treatment plan that includes ongoing care. 

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    Treatments for Drug Addiction

    At Valor, treatment options are unique to the patient receiving care. You and your provider will discuss your treatment plan when you come to Valor. Some things your treatment may include are:

    Behavioral Counseling

    Individual counseling sessions can help you work through triggers that lead to addictive behavior. Your provider may discuss your family history and work to resolve traumas associated with your addiction. Gain the coping skills you need to deal with life on life’s terms with behavioral counseling sessions.

    Medical Interventions

    Approximately 265 Americans die from SUD each day, many due to not receiving the medical detox or intervention needed to save their lives. For some, medical detox may be necessary. 

    Heart monitors and other medical devices may be a part of your medical treatment plan for addiction. Your provider will discuss what medical intervention may be part of your treatment.

    Relapse Prevention

    An estimated 40-60% of addiction treatment patients relapse at some point throughout their recovery. However, that doesn’t have to be part of your recovery journey. Valor will develop ongoing treatment options for you to continue to receive the support you need to sustain long-term sobriety and abstinence.

    Addiction Treatment from Valor Behavioral Health

    At Valor Behavior Health, recovery is possible!

    If you are looking for an addiction treatment center in Atlanta, Georgia, Valor offers a superior treatment model designed to achieve long-term recovery. We provide comprehensive and ongoing treatment plans suited to meet your unique needs. We also offer assistance to your loved ones seeking to be a part of your recovery journey.