Jacob Price

Jacob Price, Primary Therapist

Jacob Price

Primary Therapist

Jacob is a dedicated counselor with a profound passion for the mental health field and an unwavering commitment to helping others navigate the complexities of their emotional well-being. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with honors from The University of North Carolina at Asheville. He acquired his Master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from Florida International University in Miami, Florida and is a proud member of the International Honors society of Psychology.

Jacob specializes in working with adults who are struggling with substance use/mood disorders, grief and loss, and mass trauma. His passion lies within understanding the intersectionality between mental health and substance abuse, as well as being a staple within the LGBTQ+ community. Jacob has experience working in addictions recovery and mental health, as well as conducting Trauma Incident Reduction therapy with clients suffering from extensive trauma.

As Jacob works towards licensure as a professional counselor, he remains focused on understanding the challenges and hardships individuals face in relation to their mental health.”