Kerry Jividen

Kerry Jividen

Director of Operations and Compliance

My name is Kerry Jividen and I am a 33 year old native of Gwinnett County, GA. The three most important aspects of my life are: Jesus, Recovery, and Family! After a long battle with addiction and mental health issues, I finally reached a breaking point. On my journey back towards wellness, I developed a desire to help others navigate the same challenges that life had thrown at me. That calling is what brought me to Valor!

In 2013 I earned a Business degree from Georgia College and State University. But my real time at school was spent at the bars downtown (Thirsty Thursday for everyone else was Thirsty Everyday for me). I developed a really unhealthy relationship with alcohol. Over the next several years, the booze infiltrated every aspect of my life: deteriorating each pillar one by one. Ultimately my mental health suffered and I ended up seeking treatment. I spent the next 5 years bouncing in and out of facilities.

It took some time, but after many trials, I was able to find what worked for me. I am so grateful to be where I am today and living out this beautiful life I’ve been given. Each day feels like a blessing and I just love guiding others towards a better quality of life as well.

When I am not working you can probably catch me watching sports with my friends or family. (Go Buckeyes)! I am grateful today to be a son, a brother, and an uncle to 5 really awesome kids. I also enjoy going to church and catching meetings to help me feel fulfilled and at peace.

At Valor, I hope to make a positive impact on the lives of those that I serve. I am confident that overcoming my own struggles will help me do the same for you or someone you love!